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You are not alone in your quest for answers, nor your want for healing in times of pain. There will be pain in life, there’s no hiding this fact. The good news? That you get to know that this is Ok, it will be Ok and it will get better. When you believe in you and see your value, you will find that nothing matters as much as how you feel about yourself. Your sense of dignity is your greatest asset in life. It is the key to happiness, and happiness is success.
There is a need in the human race to support one another. In fact it is our number one job. We are born with the birthright of dignity. This is to be honoured. In theses pages I hope you find what you are looking for. If I help but one, that is more than none. Well worth it to me.

Poetry, thoughts, #Opism quotes, musings, articles, images, videos,
All here to poke you in the places that move you!

What I have learned from pain is that it really introduces a new path for you.  It’s not always about how much we can take….when after we see how much we can give.

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“I’ll catch up
Or maybe I won’t
But I will try
Is better than don’t “

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