‼️‼️Happy Canada Day‼️‼️

It started in July, 


A British North American Act

Self governing dominion 

Here’s a little story

Of how we came to be

When European explorers 

Thought the indies they did see

They met the native peoples

And called them Indian

There were no maps to show them

New territory they were in

They lived a way of life

Some were nomadic

Others farmed the land

They valued and respected

Missionaries and explorers 

Interacted in a way

That changed them all forever

And took their land away

Populations changed

As interactions mingled

Prosperity for some

Discrepancy commingled 

The British sent Cabot

Who found us by mishap

The French they had Cartier

Who put “Kanata” on the map

A word from the people,

Meaning settlement of village

A community together

And some did suffer pillage 

The competitions grew

Of who would own the land

Nothing has changed here

The world and it’s commands

Eventually some truce

Was put on papers true

Signatures together

Accommodated too

Migrations and expansions

North America did split


Set North the Loyalist

The first to Prohibit


Upper Canada’s Gen. Simcoe

Abolished slavery 

The North Star was followed

The empire was inviting

Underground Railroad

Anti slavery was in writing

This is just a glimpse

A bit about our nation

We are a country with

Abundant diversification

This is my village home

I share some history

Oh Canada, North Star

I highlight humanity

We’ve always been inviting

And we will stand on guard

All people here together

In Canada’s backyard


“When you love 

Where you’re livin’

It’s pretty cool

Being Canadian”





For many it is difficult and this is quite outstanding
Plenty of us are scattered and barely even standing
The many situations and life of circumstances 
Brings us to our knees and halts so many chances

The time you spend in kneeling 
Is naked and revealing
Humbled and at the mercy
For water when you’re thirsty

In this gripping time you may not be familiar
And now you see to suffer, is not for all so similar
To depend upon a system, or ask for some real help
Invites you to reflect on how others may have felt

You might have been a leader, or a working bee
And now you are just hoping, to feed your family
It’s nothing new to some, but it is new to you
And now you learn from them, there’s more that you can do

Reassessment of all wants, if they were really needs
You find what really matters and let go the many greeds
The time and all the effort, who was driving who
So many in society controlling over you

When you’re on your knees, begging is an option
Knowing what you have, is standing in your fortune
The life you try to fill with fussy little details
Means nothing to the eye, when all other else fails

The most compromising times, when you are at your worst
Are there to teach you things, and introduce the thirst
At first you mourn a loss and then you ask because
You thought you were in charge and now you feel the loss

No one can predict, a major transformation 
Its power is most likely, a divine intervention
When you see the light that shines in the darkness
You dust off your knees and faithfully find kindness 

Forgetting all your woes and knowing what you need
Life is not the same after believing does proceed
New tools you have to build and dig your way back out
The excitement you discovered will take away the doubt

It really takes a loss, to find you had a gain
There’d be no such thing as pleasure, if there was no pain
To think of falling down, as something so upsetting
It’s really there for you, to see what you’re forgetting


“When you’re on your knees

Begging is an option

When you use your feet

Standing is your fortune”





Are you tired?

Yes I’m tired

All the bad news

All the sad stories

All the misfortune

All the worries

So many views

So many screens

So many people

So many scenes


And confused

So many people

Are abused

What’s in your face

Can get too much

Life right now

Can’t take this stuff

There is no quick

Or easy way

To fast forward

Through the day

Take hold right now

As you discover

In this moment

You need cover

Stop what you’re doing

Turn things off

A little silence

And some love

It’s ok

Yes it is

Time for you

To honour this

A little rest

Is all you need

Social media

Brings fatigue

Without awareness

To this issue

Declining health

Will affect you



When you’re tired

You can’t care

Remember you

Before you started

And your heart

To be cathartic

What you can do

For your soul

Is best aligned

When you are whole

Be kind to you

Close your eyes

Breath in deep

And realize

What in the world

You can’t control

Can be altered

When you console

Human nature

Needs all humans

Nature needs

Natural humans





I understand
Not all believe
And some who do
Still can’t conceive

Around the world
Are empty tables
Vacant temples
And fairy fables

Every single
Human being
Is more aware
To what they’re feeling

It drives right home
If you are threatened
Makes you think
You were forgetting

When asked to do
We get to choose
But when we’re told
We just have too

So at this time
When you are asking
Is there a reason
You are expecting

To make some sense
And understand this
You now have time
To see what you miss

On this day
So close to Easter
Golden eggs
Loose their lustre

All attention
From before
Different now
We want more

More help to get
More space to grow
More peace of mind
More love to show

The common thought
We all can’t see
Was always there
Was always free

The most important
And most prized
Above all else
Are human lives

On Good Friday
When you’re alone
Think of the son
From Father’s throne

It doesn’t matter
If you believe
Just think right now
Why you grieve

So much you had
And did ignore
What in the world
Was it all for

One day ahead
Or one behind
If you stop
You will find

That all along
As some are working
Just like the jobless
We’re all searching

For that purpose
And some value
And some love too

Beyond all measure
And a doubt
No greater love
Has more clout

The one and only
In all of history
An innocent man
Murdered violently

For the reason
And so pure
A man on earth
For spirit cure

All the crime
And all the sins
To say “Oh God!”
What does it mean

It doesn’t matter
If you believe
Look past the facts
Religious creed

I have not said
And most do know
The greatest love
Was evil’s show

No one is wrong
No one is right
To ask for proof
Just shows your fright

How can we curse
And blame a man
Who only gave
All he can

When we cry
And ask for more
Why did we not
Thank him before

Upon the faces
Pressed to windows
Distorted views
God only knows

When we cry
And feel sorry
God’s own tears
Know this story

He has given
We have taken
Now’s an offer
To awaken



“If you believe in luck
It’s evident to me
That hope is in your heart
And this is quite lucky!”


If I were an elephant 
I’d hold my trunk up high
It would be so easy
As you saunter by

If I were a rabbit
And you said my name
3 time’s upon your waking
Prosperity is your gain

If I were a cat
A Maneki-Neko kind
Surely the direction
Is something you will find

If I were a goldfish
I can’t remember why
But if you catch me first
Oh copious am I

If I were a frog
For sure I’d bring the rain
To all your crops and plants
I’d render every grain

Here come the bugs and beetles
Pay attention to the scarab
To the God Ra deity
A quest born to the Arab

If I were a piggy
To me you might resort
Every time you save
There’s happy in my snort

There is another character
Perhaps you’ve heard of me
Without my pot of gold
 4 leaf clovers do kill me

If I am a leprechaun
And you believe in me
I’d say that’s quite fantastic
Your dreams alive to see

Beware the evil spirits
Take note of those who say
That thinking what you do
Needs proof in every way


Beautiful People🌷🙏
Your Luck is served...




There is a love
Meant for you
It is meant
For others too

It’s all inclusive
And embracing 
Nothing beats 

Not exclusive
It’s absolute
All there is
So astute

For there are many
Stories told
Of a love 
To behold

There is abundance
This is true
The many friends
Your life through

For your family
It can seem hard
But loyal blood
Stands on guard

Were it not 
For divorce
There is love
Denied it’s force

Oh the lovers
They embrace
Body’s join
Love misplaced

In the moment
You are challenged
Love’s pure power
Can be strengthened 

There are rituals
And sacrifice
What is offered
Love to slice

Without a doubt
What we would do
For our own child
And others too

After reading
What is above
Can you now see 
The greatest love?





Upon my head
You place your hand
Fingers stroke
And understand

You lift my chin
To look at you
My eyes they focus
And lips part too

A single tear
Lingered on
Held by lashes
And then it’s gone

The time it took
To land somewhere
My heart was struck
And now aware

Within your hands
My face did rest
My own heart leaning
On your chest

My breath upon
My lips did slow
From where I felt
A warm heart glow

All sense and smarts
Did abandon
It was here
Love commanded

Lowered gaze
You looked at me
I’m locked inside
What my eyes see

Standing still
Our lips did meet
The earth has moved
Beneath our feet

In all of time
And in survival
Exists the kiss
That brings revival

My God to know
The mighty inference 
And meet the kiss
That makes a difference


PaulaG‼️ Dignity is Free‼️

Dignity is Free‼️

“Be yourself, Everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

It’s not just fluffy poetry…. it makes you think‼️

Life was not meant to be lived alone, and yet we all have thoughts that we own and are not shared.
No two thoughts are ever the same, nor felt the same by another. Perception is endless… we all have this unique outlook in life. Combine this with your own interpretations …phenomenal….

Like to think? You’ve come to the right place.

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I look at others and I do see
What I don't have inside of me
I'm all alone beside myself
Atop a wooden empty shelf

I look below an endless pit
I look above and feel misfit
To the left and then the right
I try so hard with all my might

Are there things that I must know
Is there something I must show
Will I fit in & be ok
It takes me time to find my way

There is a reason here I perch
Upon this shelf of carved out birch
And when I wonder what’s in store
Something inside just says there’s more

There's room for you upon this shelf
And in return you’ll find yourself
Far better yet, don’t disregard
Join me now for this is hard

I'm lonely yes but just a bit
I'll wait some more until you hit
A point inside there’s no return
Oh my your here! How fast you learn

A friend just sat right next to me
Someone who believes in me
The shelf so lonely now is shared
A friend with me for whom I cared

This friend of mine was wise and smart
Applauded me & touched my heart
Dear little book upon this shelf
It’s time to share and nothing else

Your pages are your own to write
You have the answers, you were right
Never let the cover fool you
Be yourself in all that you do

Big book in all its history
Said these words to little me
Inside of you is something real
And It’s ok...to say how you feel


“Pick up a book and start to read 
Sometimes that’s all you really need”

Beautiful People🙏🌷
You Are👉A Human WORTH Being 



Is Mother Earth now crying
Or have we been denying
To see her tears were flowing
For so long she was showing

All the signs we cannot see
We’re not checking reality
What is happening to all of us
When it’s too late is when we fuss

Over time that started when
All the earth is full of sin
There is goodness to see too
It is our Mother’s faithful virtue

Was she born or always was
Do we just settle just because
What part do we have to play
When mother dear has to pay

All the beauty in the world
Mother Earth dancing swirled
So full of grace and all we need
Mamma’s baby, we her seed

She has planted and conducted
All she had to us instructed
Underneath our marching feat
Mother Earth and her heartbeat

Mass corruption and dispute
Nature’s arms we refute
Something here is amiss
Look around at all of this

Every part of every land
She does love and understand
All her children, nature too
Now she cries all over you

Don’t you think it’s time to turn
Look at her and really learn
That what we need and what we want
Becomes a nightmare she will haunt

In order to find an answer here
We need our Mother Earth so dear
All the beauty she has given
For us to love and keep on living

We have somehow redirected
Everything now is just so hectic
When her breath became the fire
Mother’s tears with her desire

To the oceans her tears fell
Tried to clear the plastic well
Her eyes the sun where she is light
Her soul of course the core delight

Mother Earth to us is telling
Look around and just stop yelling
It doesn’t matter where you are
If you look she’ll show her scar

When we ignore the purest tears
We become our biggest fears
What we hide does manifest
The illness now is addressed

Oh the symptoms and description
Mother Earth has the prescription
All the steps of all her children
We walk upon her penicillin

Take stock of what she has offered
More than you she has suffered
There is a way to help her smile
If only we are not hostile


“When her tears
Become a storm
Mother Earth
To us does warn

She’s had enough
Of man’s conscription
What we need is her



The Gardner planted
And provided
His creation
The human nation 

He did allow
And let it be
All precious people
One guarantee

With his goodness
All life is tempted
Gets rejected 

Freedom of choice
Some cannot own
They face the threats
In evil zones

In silent prayers
And pleas of help
God took his crown
And threw it out

Sent down to earth
His spirit son
Army of three
The holy kingdom 

To the world
And universe
Joined His people 
He loved first

Because He made
All different kinds
He also knew
What’s on their minds

As a parent
He also knew
Some need more
And want proof

All his children 
Many creeds
Not all accept
Other beliefs

Being smart
He spends his time
Gives in turn
The truth divine

Is not the same
If understanding 
Does not reign

No doubt about it
There are rumours
Lives in humans

The greatest leader
And this is true
Each of you

Holy Spirits
Amazing Grace
Hope exists
In every faith

Does it make sense
To condemn 
Another faith
Like it were sin

Is there harm 
When there is good
Do you respect
God’s neighbourhood

If your faith 
Makes you doubt
Perhaps you are
Just without

When someone cries
And calls for help
All traditions
Say to reach out

Help one in need 
And forgive...
Do not expect
And love what lives

If you believe
And do not fear it
After death
Remains your spirit

Religious or not
There’s no escape
God shows up
To all who wait


🌷🙏Beautiful People🙏🌷
Your Easter Miracle


Your Happiness Is Served...😀👇


“Motivate your future
With the happiness of today
Celebrate all steps
With life all the way”


A sense of well being
Where value is felt
A life with meaning
Where joy reaches out 

Feeling content
Lucky and joyful
Safe and secure
A smile wearing playful

Pleasure is gained
Pride in your stance
Positivity reigns
Prosperity enhanced

Cheery and bright
All thoughts dismissed
Beaming in light
Confidence likes this

Enjoying the moment
The one you are in
Not looking back
Or future thinking

The moment you smile
It sends the message
Telling your soul
You get to bless this

You’re not alone
When happiness is present
And it’s here right now
In all your accomplishment

You cannot chase
What can’t be caught
Happiness is found
When you just stop

Happiness is 
Your present condition
When you give up
Wanting something

Motivate your future
With the happiness of today
Celebrate all the steps
You take every day

See the success
From strides behind you
Acknowledge the distance
Of your magnitude

Beautiful People🙏🌷



“Vulnerability sets you free
Ignoring this fact, sets you back”


I can say 
And can see
What works for me
Is when I’m free

If I am chained
To secret sorrow
The pain today
Affects tomorrow 

What from my past
Has taught to me
Is to embrace 

To be bound
And not address
Weight is gained
I can’t digest

To raise my head
And gulp the air
Speak my truth
To me is fair

In the moment
Words I say
There is release
No other way

I did inhale
And closed my eyes
Opened them
And realized 

Adds more depth
No matter how
You look at it

It’s ok 
If not accepted
For self to know
I’m not rejected

In this you see
And will find
Open hearts
Sooth the mind

To be bold
Is often straight
Said in haste
It might seem fake

Adding candour
Respect sincere
Being frank
Makes it clear

Strip away
Years of layers
Work from your raw
Not the naysayers 

Holding weight
Does get heavy
Shed the pounds
Your truth is ready

Strength Is real
And always steady
At your service
In vulnerability 


Beautiful People 🌷🙏


Here I stand
What you see
Is a woman
This outer me

When I cry
Some call me weak
But when you do
It’s me you seek

When I fight
Some call me witch
But when you do
It is rich

When I scream
You call me mad
And when you do
It’s me that’s bad 

When I sigh 
You attack my patience
But breath from you
Demands my presence

When I work hard
You command more
When you do this
I must adore

When I speak
You do not listen
Words from you
I need permission

When I tell you
How I feel
You find something
Else to reveal

When I feel low
You barely notice
When you do
You always show this

When you meet me
You don’t acknowledge
When I meet you
It’s like in college

When I ask why
You say because
But when you do
We get new laws

When I give love
You disembark
When you do
To me it’s dark

When I challenge
You fight back
But when you do
It’s my attack

When I say fair
You look away
But when you do
I have to pay

When I think
You are impatient
But when from you
It’s most important

When I add value
You barter this
Make it your own 
You are priceless

When I celebrate
You look elsewhere
But when you do
I have to care

When I give birth
You claim the name
But birth you can’t 
We aren’t the same

When you see me
This woman here
There is no justice
When you add fear

When I succeed
You can’t ignore
That I was equal
Maybe more


I am a woman
In this form
I’m equal to you
And this I warn

What you can’t see
In my importance
You needed me
For your existence

The birth of you 
And that of me
All have the right
Of the dignity

To see this true
As a law
Every human
Equal for all

All us humans
That ever be
All have in common
What is for free

To every woman
And man you see
There is a slight

How you look
At me somehow
A sad injustice
The world right now

Right is wrong
If it’s not good
A challenged heart
Not understood

So look again
Answer the truth
Can you admit
It starts in youth

Do you know how
Can you make change
What’s in the world 
Needs to exchange


“There is no given gender
Within the inner soul
And now you will remember
A woman told you so!”

I am not biased
Nor accusing
Only stating
My observing 
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