Your Happiness Is Served...😀👇


“Motivate your future
With the happiness of today
Celebrate all steps
With life all the way”


A sense of well being
Where value is felt
A life with meaning
Where joy reaches out 

Feeling content
Lucky and joyful
Safe and secure
A smile wearing playful

Pleasure is gained
Pride in your stance
Positivity reigns
Prosperity enhanced

Cheery and bright
All thoughts dismissed
Beaming in light
Confidence likes this

Enjoying the moment
The one you are in
Not looking back
Or future thinking

The moment you smile
It sends the message
Telling your soul
You get to bless this

You’re not alone
When happiness is present
And it’s here right now
In all your accomplishment

You cannot chase
What can’t be caught
Happiness is found
When you just stop

Happiness is 
Your present condition
When you give up
Wanting something

Motivate your future
With the happiness of today
Celebrate all the steps
You take every day

See the success
From strides behind you
Acknowledge the distance
Of your magnitude

Beautiful People🙏🌷



“Vulnerability sets you free
Ignoring this fact, sets you back”


I can say 
And can see
What works for me
Is when I’m free

If I am chained
To secret sorrow
The pain today
Affects tomorrow 

What from my past
Has taught to me
Is to embrace 

To be bound
And not address
Weight is gained
I can’t digest

To raise my head
And gulp the air
Speak my truth
To me is fair

In the moment
Words I say
There is release
No other way

I did inhale
And closed my eyes
Opened them
And realized 

Adds more depth
No matter how
You look at it

It’s ok 
If not accepted
For self to know
I’m not rejected

In this you see
And will find
Open hearts
Sooth the mind

To be bold
Is often straight
Said in haste
It might seem fake

Adding candour
Respect sincere
Being frank
Makes it clear

Strip away
Years of layers
Work from your raw
Not the naysayers 

Holding weight
Does get heavy
Shed the pounds
Your truth is ready

Strength Is real
And always steady
At your service
In vulnerability 


Beautiful People 🌷🙏


Here I stand
What you see
Is a woman
This outer me

When I cry
Some call me weak
But when you do
It’s me you seek

When I fight
Some call me witch
But when you do
It is rich

When I scream
You call me mad
And when you do
It’s me that’s bad 

When I sigh 
You attack my patience
But breath from you
Demands my presence

When I work hard
You command more
When you do this
I must adore

When I speak
You do not listen
Words from you
I need permission

When I tell you
How I feel
You find something
Else to reveal

When I feel low
You barely notice
When you do
You always show this

When you meet me
You don’t acknowledge
When I meet you
It’s like in college

When I ask why
You say because
But when you do
We get new laws

When I give love
You disembark
When you do
To me it’s dark

When I challenge
You fight back
But when you do
It’s my attack

When I say fair
You look away
But when you do
I have to pay

When I think
You are impatient
But when from you
It’s most important

When I add value
You barter this
Make it your own 
You are priceless

When I celebrate
You look elsewhere
But when you do
I have to care

When I give birth
You claim the name
But birth you can’t 
We aren’t the same

When you see me
This woman here
There is no justice
When you add fear

When I succeed
You can’t ignore
That I was equal
Maybe more


I am a woman
In this form
I’m equal to you
And this I warn

What you can’t see
In my importance
You needed me
For your existence

The birth of you 
And that of me
All have the right
Of the dignity

To see this true
As a law
Every human
Equal for all

All us humans
That ever be
All have in common
What is for free

To every woman
And man you see
There is a slight

How you look
At me somehow
A sad injustice
The world right now

Right is wrong
If it’s not good
A challenged heart
Not understood

So look again
Answer the truth
Can you admit
It starts in youth

Do you know how
Can you make change
What’s in the world 
Needs to exchange


“There is no given gender
Within the inner soul
And now you will remember
A woman told you so!”

I am not biased
Nor accusing
Only stating
My observing 


“I think I’m great, therefore I am
And when you do, you feel this too”

I was kidnapped yesterday
Migraine headache in me stayed
Wiped me off my running feet
Rest I needed, did retreat

It’s been awhile since I have felt
Like my head was inside out
To me this was a warning sign
I did not take care, of what was mine

Too much time I was living
In the land of always giving
So I said unto my soul
I am sorry, forgive me so

It’s so hard to live in pain
Control I can’t when it does rain
Time is needed for my rest
Rejuvenate and reassess

It bothers me to think I thought
That inside me my self forgot
And with less time in self reflection
Pain it lands with inflammation

Debilitated and a mess
I lied me down and addressed
Asked my soul what it did need
Paula dear, it said to me…

It’s ok
To keep on giving
Let me be first
To give a reason

What in your heart
Is good and true
But nothing works
Without you

What you ignore
Will manifest
Stress is silent
It works like this

All the worry
You deny
The body feels
What you hide

The things that you
Cannot control
Are the ones
That pain will troll

Feel the force
And then address
Let go of matters
That are less

Spending time
In avoidance
Can be the migraine
Of accordance..

So there you have it
This here message
What I share
From my wreckage

Today I’m better
After this slam
I am greater
Therefore I am




It’s time you don’t trust
When in a rush
There’s life to be found
When you slow down

To allow some rest
Heal and digest
For time is needed
Trust the process

If you have a God
Give him a nod
Lift your chin
Check in with him

For when you sigh
He’s always on standby
Patience invented
Time is a concept

The highest of ranks
Are heartfelt thanks
For he gave to you
The ability to do

The measure of life
Is always short
For when without
You see the court

Without even looking
At the face you own
Time is fast
And others have grown

To see the lines
Feel the cold
Before you know it
You are old

In all the time
That adds to grief
There is no healing
To rush is a thief

Stop chasing the earth
And other’s beliefs
Return to the universe
And find here relief

“It’s time you don’t trust
When in a rush
There’s life to be found
When you slowdown”


“In the mind that likes
To justify
To dismiss the If 
Is to know the Why”

“If” I know
That I am Just..
Do I don’t know
That I don’t trust
If “if’s” don’t exist
Unless I try
Then how can I
Most justify?
I need to believe
There is a reason
For all the things
I faced in liv’n
For every day
And occurrence
That I survived
Found endurance 
For all the heartache
Mental health
Life with loss
Hardships in wealth
Nothing seemed
To make much sense
Until I tried
And gave “if’s” a glance
With nothing to lose
And hope in disparity
I found some light
Gave my life to charity
For giving it back
And letting all go
The reasons became
Just “if’s” to know
To do and not fear
Give and not take
All situations
Were learning mistakes
And now that I know
That to love my own I
Some “if’s” that existed
I cannot justify
For every roadblock
That I come across
I found a reason 
To get up and walk 
I found my own heart
And found here the beat
To hold my head up
And cross every street
When I didn’t know
I had a chance
The “if only” in mind
Would start to dance
If I had a reason
I needed to see
That without the if’s
I’m really just me
To think without I
And not self discuss
Surely my mind
Was not with us
For my mind in me
With my heart nearby
My body responded
And did not die 
I found my control
And self love I did
Not every thought
Was mine to live
If to be unhappy
Was all that I knew
What made it just
Was not knowing what’s true
In my return
After giving the if’s
I just found reason 
To what I would give
If I give it back
If I had hope 
If I had faith
If I could cope
To justify
The many reasons
So many lies 
We believe in 
To be in your just
And know you’re one
Beware the if’s
And where they come from 
No one is just 
For if we were 
And this is just
When if’s are obscure 
A spirit is pure
When born again
There is no rejection
If you give it to Him
To live without
No more or less
The universe 
To you will address
Provide in hope
Give to your faith
Claim your if’s
And forgive mistakes
The directions are given
For where you must go
When you just do
And the if’s let go

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