PaulaG‼️ Dignity is Free‼️

Dignity is Free‼️

“Be yourself, Everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

It’s not just fluffy poetry…. it makes you think‼️

Life was not meant to be lived alone, and yet we all have thoughts that we own and are not shared.
No two thoughts are ever the same, nor felt the same by another. Perception is endless… we all have this unique outlook in life. Combine this with your own interpretations …phenomenal….

Like to think? You’ve come to the right place.

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🗣‼️A THOUGHT‼️🧠🤯

To be real it must exist❗️

To exist it must be real❗️

To exist is to live❗️

To live is to be real❗️

So do thoughts exist❓

If it isn’t real, it doesn’t exist❗️


Thoughts do not exist❗️

Thoughts are not real❗️


What you ‘think’ isn’t real!❗️


What you ‘believe’ is real❗️

To believe is accepting something as the truth

Believing is the act of accepting something as true

A belief is the attitude that something is true

An attitude is reflected in your behaviour

To be true is to not be false

It is your measure of faith that will determine your choice in what you chose to believe⚠️

Know Your Power Here🔱

If what you believe is not making you happy…

Change the thought✴️

Think something better..believe that and do it❗️

Don’t like it❓

You can always change your mind❗️

There are no mistakes, just ‘nothing’ little thoughts

The best thing to do is to just be true

Truth is as real as you make it

So you will be the only judge here

We get to control our lives this way

You are what you believe

It’s really all up to you

Be your own best friend

Believe in you‼️



Life is a journey

Where you can find courage

Share it with others

Who join in your pilgrimage

The path you travel

On tangled imprints

From bodies now gone

They’re spirits footprints

Tears of many

Some with a few

When you cry to them

They cry too

It’s how we cope

With what’s real

To share with others

Helps us heal

Some moral support

A hand that holds

Helping others

A story unfolds

“Why” and “why not”

When we ask about

Answers are there

We don’t have to doubt

Some roads are blocked

With hateful resentment

But at your side

A friend is encouragement

Self pity won’t do

It steals all your power

Experiencing this

Burns hotter than fire

Mother Earth is in love

You are her baby

Be good to her race

Our own humanity

At some point in time

We fade out of view

The time spent alone

Is where you find you

At the end of the journey

Our bodies will perish

The souls on the inside

All need to be chershed

Without other people

To share in your day

What would you do

And what would you say

A world without you

Is a place left behind

While you are here

It’s best to be kind

If you see wrong

Speak your mind

Do it right

And help mankind

This journey of life

When under attack

Once you cross over

There’s no coming back

A voice alone

Can carry a speech

But journeys together

Will have more outreach

There is much to gain

When there is a loss

This journey my friends

Was meant to criss cross


‼️World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day‼️ Narcissistic Abuse…

‼️World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day‼️

‼️Narcissistic Abuse…

On this first day in June

It’s never too soon

This international day

Narcissists need to pay

There’s nothing worse

To live with this curse

To half the world over

It sits on your shoulder

It’s not your fault

It’s the devil’s occult

This acts academy

You just don’t see

This prominent force

Is the mind’s divorce

Some misdiagnosed

Have left life’s post

Beautiful oceans

A sea full of potions

To the narcissist

You are the pessimist

Pure evil it is

This analysis

For they just believe

And can’t conceive

Disguised allure

There is no cure

It will devour

All your #power

If you can surmise

And do realize

It’s a battle to live

And you must not give

If there’s any way

You must go grey

Become the rock

And truly block

Never look back

It will attack

After this game

Life’s never the same

Please do remember

To not surrender

If a narcissist is near

Don’t give them your fear

Without you to chew

They have nothing to do

They will find another

Make awareness your thunder


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Mon June 1 2020

‼️Undulated Casualty‼️

It was a secret deep inside

What lies beneath the ocean’s tide

I screamed, I cried, and all for what

I loved, I trusted, and I sought

A beast you are I have to say

I wish I knew before that day

But if I did then what would be

How can I make this up to me?

Full disclosure promised thee

The gentle man I once did see

His lips I kissed have always lied

The mask now rests by his side

The silent scream within my soul

Oh where to go without a goal

I feared, I froze, I did defy

Sudden thought, just let me die

I claimed no right to live your life

I was your partner as your wife

I thought only to share with you

In all of life and after too

There was in me a love so pure

Genuine devotion most demure

Candid strength and honesty

I also gave true sympathy

All at once in that moment

You became my opponent

All that was and so much more

No longer now to adore

Fear was now a friend to me

Power here I could not see

All the world I ever knew

Lost all vigor and sinew

I was afraid and paralyzed

Until the day I realized

Your weakened soul did remit

You lost your life and did commit

Evil reigns within you now

I no longer wonder how

In all you do and all you say

Poor soul in you lost it’s way

I cannot help you more my dear

You live alone with all you fear

Your undulated casualty

Is no longer my priority!




All we are taught

Seems so systematic

Life events occur

And are so dramatic

To see it as a problem

The scholars scribble down

So many people panic

And they begin to drown

The losses are so many

The jobs to pay for life

Other things don’t matter

When they sit upon a shelf

There is a greater loss

To those without their health

Crying is occurring

After life has lost this wealth

It is a bitter pill

To stay inside a cage

However it’s a place

To save your life’s wage

When before the isolation

The world was moving fast

Mental health was losing

Disturbed was mental stats

Now we see the skies

We see the bright blue sea

The streets in desolation

A museum that is free

Slowly we approach

Permission to go out

After sleeping we awaken

Hibernation was without

If we take our steps

Forgetting all precaution

Then buckle up for more

There will be ammunition

Distress has now become

A daily occurrence

Every person needs

Some holy endurance




When you’re behind in all your mail

To not reply does not mean fail

It’s hard at times to do your best

If you don’t stop to take a rest

After attempting many times

You start to see so many lines

Late at night you want to stop

As your eyelids start to drop

In your dream you are transported

To a thought that you aborted

Random idea you tried to deal

When you awake you think it’s real

When your imagination sparks

Dreams announce their remarks

That there want inside of you

A nagging thought that pinches too

If there’s a pebble in your shoe

Your steps will never pedal you

A life to live that is different

It’s up to you to make it reverent

When long ago you had this thought

You doubted too and then forgot

Your dream at night tried it on

Waking conscience now begun

To walk in line with your dream

Means travelling with full steam

There is much work for you to do

Your dedication will make it true

Many doubters said you’d lose

So many pebbles in your shoes

To your own shock and great surprise

The ones you needed were disguised

The time it takes to get it going

Days fly by and you are growing

A passion sense creates the fire

Your truth beholds a dying liar

Not without the many guesses

Hand delivered mind addresses

To your shoes and the pebbles

Shake them out and use your pedals


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