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Soulful Inspirations & Poetry for Healing


Don’t let fear grip you. Life is short, so I hope you will make the most of each precious moment. Live! I hope this website helps make you think, brings you joy and helps brighten your day.


The world is going through a tough time with the pandemic. I hope you find a way to laugh. My writings are intended to bring a large variety of responses, including laughter.


Love is more than romance. Certainly I hope you find a lot of love in your heart for others and that they will repay you in kind. Love really does make the world go around!

A Site For You!!

For your Brain, Heart and Mind. As I like to say BHaM 🧠❤️🤔
Wellness of BHaM,  Brain, Heart and Mind, your core and your soul in the practice of life in peace, harmony and spiritual contentment.  It starts within.

This Site is for You!!!

Poems and More for the Soul

This is a place for you to rest, find solace, support, encouragement, wisdom, inspiration, motivation, and most of all, your right to dignity‼️

Finding the Address of your soul is possible with help from the words presented here that invoke your thoughts and open your heart. 

The site is full of sharing, from images, articles and musings.

But mostly it is the gift of poetry. Words from a soul that has written through some of life’s most challenging circumstances. This is not just any poetry. It is a plethora of words on reflective moments with messages from the universe. Those messages that help in healing, provoking thought and morally slamming the hammer of truth that is the core of getting life right

Pros comprised with power to infuse your thoughts and question the soul. For some, life changing. Many people put a stigma on the idea of poetry…as something of a dreamer living in the clouds, something fluffy so to speak. This is so far from the truth… There are many different kinds. For many there is great healing in words. In fact, the greatest type of words that we remember are the ones that flow, that make us question what we know, and those with impact on how we grow.

 Here, I present mine.

“The power of words both presented to you

And said within you, will become you” #Opism

It is with my greatest pleasure to share with others the power of positive words.

Enjoy your visit. Bookmark, subscribe, do come again❗️We are always adding more value.

This is your place, and it is safe.



About Me

Hello, my name is Paula, I use the hashtag #PaulaG practically everywhere across social media.

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My Mission

“My job is to translate response into results. Some teachers teach for others to learn. That’s not me, Some teachers teach for others to accomplish. That is me.”

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