‼️It’s Possible‼️

“In all things possible
There are no obstacles”

‼️It’s Possible‼️

 When we accept the unknown and face the world of possibilities with positive anticipation.. 
We will find there are more answers then there are questions.  There is more joy, hope, excitement, mystery, imagination, peace, happiness and love.  

The zest for life motivates your test in life and activates the winner in you👍
There’s nothing you can’t do when you just chose too anticipate positively😃

Your zone expands with 👉you👈

‼️Don’t limit your happiness with the idea of sadness‼️

Don’t hesitate where there is hate
Anticipate that which is great
Find joy in that which you don’t know
Instead of letting fake fear grow

Anticipating happiness is living in joy

To live in joy, hope for the best
Put negative feelings to rest

Love to you all Beautiful People

#PaulaG : Writer, Author, Poet


“Life only hurts in the absence of love”


To think is to guess
What is it I know
If I say yes
Instead of no

The thought of love
And what it is 
Oh children listen
Just hear this

The love we question
Among all kinds
The many loves
A human does find

We are all children
Of parents it’s true
Not all are from 
The vows of “I do”

The children so born
From parents true love
May understand
What this is of

The children birthed
With less than a glance
If love is partial
They might have a chance

The children who come
Without a fair deal
My heart does weep
The love they won’t feel

Then the meaning
A parent will bleed
For love of blood
They will indeed

If they are so blessed
To see life believing
Everything happens
For love and it’s meaning

Then there is that
Where love is not present
Fake love denies
The bastard to parent

A woman in love 
Who gives a babe life
Cannot deny
If she is the wife

To do your duty
Dictated by others
Babies need love
And so do their mothers

When true love is absent
And friendship is near
Other forms become
The love that endears 

Love and it’s power
All people do need
Without existence
All energy bleeds

One final word
Most people know well
There is no love
When you live in hell

When seeking true love
To have a friend first
Fatal attractions
Might bring something worse

When you can’t lie
Nor speak the truth
Then this is not love
That you belong to

Forever in pain
If you don’t forgive
Release all bonds
Move on and let live

You’ll find your love
In you is free
Without corruption 
In nature you see

To think of love
Know you have a say
Remember it comes
In more than one way

In all the obstacles 
For love and it’s needs
You must keep fighting
For in you it bleeds

To give your life
To speak your mind
To know yourself
And you will find 

To live in a state
Of love and it’s light
In the presence of darkness
For love you will fight

All pain ever suffered
And wars ever fought
For the absence of life
We humans are taught

Love is inherent
It is the essence
More than substantial
Most worthy existence

When pain is born
In life with a curse
Think about love
For it was here first

The heart in you
That pumps your blood
From the start of all life
It’s the heart we call love 


“Love is the one thing...that is everything” #Opism 

“The greatest gift is that of love
It is by far, what we all think of” 


“Your sense of value matters most
For no sense of value leaves nothing to host”


With a sense of self worth
And a price tag shown
The one you are
Is the highest to own

In your own treasure
Incredible value
No cost is to high
With this wealth in you

To live without worth
Is to live as a ghost
Without any skin
There’s nothing to host

To walk without health
You fall down and die
Isn’t it better 
To get up and try

To be not afraid
To take a risk
Knowing you are
The best there is

It matters not
The market you’re in
For investing in you
Is the biggest win

The ups and downs
Become a ride
When you see in you
This power of pride

Achievements defined
In you and your zone
This right of dignity
Is the highest return 




Experience lived is the greatest teacher
Everything else is theory and literature 
What works for one will not work for all
What works for you is finding your call

Young wisdom seeks what old wisdom speaks
Old wisdom answers what young wisdom seeks
Young wisdom listens and then does proceed
For old wisdom one day another will need

The world you live in and all experience
Happens exclusive to your own variance
No two are alike, nor are they the same
Never repeated, you play your own game

The hand you are given is meant for you
This is life’s deal, your poker accrue
If holding the hand and you can’t play
Just try to hold and not give away

The other players in your card game
May be feeling, somewhat the same 
In the faces around, all that you see
Are players from life with their history

Some are dirty and cheat out of greed
Some bet high, your fear is in need
Some are quiet and hide it well
Some take risks and you can’t tell

After roaming the faces around the table
The eyes in your head land on your playbill
The more you know the less you think
Experience helps the motive to sink

Learning the game applies the world rules
When playing the cards the dealer gives you
The rare and exceptional Royal player 
Knows how to flush and then say a prayer

From the words of old wisdom
Are the rules that we trust
Apply the experience
Of your Royal flush

The cards in your hands
The deal is your game
Life is learning
It’s never the same

What does it matter if you win or lose
The hand is yours and you get to choose
When you know the house, in you is full
You leave the game to live as you do

“The cards in your hands
The deal is your game
Life is learning
It’s never the same”

"Young wisdom listens when old wisdom speaks..
Old wisdom lives when young wisdom teach" #Opism

‼️Dear People…What Say You?‼️

Good morning Beautiful and Precious People‼️
If you don’t know already, I also write for the award winning digital digest Bizcatalyst360 as a Columnist and Featured Contributor.
Founder and chief editor Dennis Pitocco has made this a great place for writers internationally to share words and do so in a safe place where freedom to think is granted and passion is provided.  A safe place where “ Humanity is at its best”. DP.  I am truly grateful to be a part of this incredible community.  And most grateful to Dennis  

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Grab a cup of coffee, or night time tea
Sit back and allow some time to be free.

There’s always some words that you can read
Greet the the heart in moments of need
Some time to allow the space in thought
Where heart can feel and mind can walk

Enjoy the stroll

‼️Dear People.. what say you?‼️
For you today🙏🙏👇

  Love to hear your thoughts 
‼️Dear People...What Say You?‼️

In times like this
We are forced to address
The inherent disability
That exists in humanity

My tears are flowing
My heart is showing
Can’t stop crying
I’m really just trying 

For a world United
We all are slighted
This is a mistake
What more can we take

Covid crisis
Lockdown ties us
Inside heart fights
For candle lights

To burn the fire
Of Human desire
What we do miss
We all know this

Violent murder
To the spirit
Acting out
People do it 

Is not with it

I’m mortified
Not petrified
I’m not mean
For want to scream

When actions feel
It’s more than real
What’s human in me
With you, can see

War becomes

What of the people
Needing a steeple
The perk of a leader
To keep it together

The task is to great
In creeps the hate
Disloyalty finds
The devil in minds 

When chaos arrives
Hope must arise
To stand out alone
Increases your zone

At the core of the ball
Is humanity, that’s all
From the centre of earth
Your Dignity is birth

There is no remorse
In the devil’s discourse
But removing the gag
Good tongues can wag

Annoyance is 
A big distraction
Is acceptance

Killing time 
Inside living

Feel the power
Of your goodness
Mighty people
Don’t ignore this

Allow the passion
And desire
Stop the mayhem
Process power

Know this I tell you
Love is within you
If we could start over
I’d be a Land Rover

Step on the gas
Cause a distraction
Start an explosion
And make it happen 

The land far and wide
United together
A family with pride
Will last forever

True Patriot seekers
To hell and it’s pain
Without any honour
There’s really no gain

You kill each other
And give up too
When you allow hate
To take over you

This is just wrong
In life we belong
A family community 
Together is Unity

Whatever happened
To the ones laughing
Accepting forgiveness
Now living in madness

To those who travel
Living in violence
Condemned you are
From those in silence

To those in silence
Who want to forgive
Let it be known 
And let the love live

I’m just a person
Much like you are
A poet with words
From my heart’s jar

I cannot stay silent
I need to immerse
Provide some hope
With words in a verse

If I was a leader
And needed some help
I’d turn to the people 
With them figure out

If I was a person
Instead of a poem
I’d try to start where
I’d not be alone

So here are the letters
The release of my rage
What more can I do
On a digital page

If you are thinking 
Anything similar
What say you 
Are you a believer?



“Know you have the right to question 
when your heart is feeling broken”


There is an immediate need to pray
If you don’t know what to say
All around you is the chaos
Inside of you is the loss of

To take shelter in a prayer
Will dress you up in care
Allow your heart to float
Instead of stealing hope

Lessen some confusion
Erase evil delusion 
Slows down patience pace
And peace will take its place

When the road is blocked
And brain can’t find a thought
The heart gets blown away
Why not, For now...just pray

When you cannot handle
Or know not what do
Drop unto the ground
Let  prayer take care of you

#PaulaG: Writer, Author, 

Do you pray?‼️🙏
What does prayer mean to you?
How do you define prayer?
Do you find power..comfort..in prayer?
How do you pray?
Do you say Amen?

I am praying 🙏

“The greatest surrender is to live in God’s splendour “ #Opism 

“When life is heavy with much to bear
 Find sweet release in a single prayer” #Opism 🙏🙏🙏

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