It’s indifference You See

You can love, you can hate

They play at your gate

The highs and the lows

Which one do you take?

There’s always an answer

And lines for an actor

The ones that you chose

Show care or some anger

The ups and the downs

Will sway like the gowns

You smile as you dance

Or relish your frowns

You rise and you fall

You experience it all

Any day of the year

You run or you crawl

The ebb and the flow

Is how it does go

The lessons you learn

And those you just know

The gains and the losses

The joys and the cross’s

All that you bear

Life’s colourful glosses

In peaks and in valleys

In dark narrow alleys

Or #happiness streets

Trodden with rallies

There’s not a true word

Where love is unheard

For indifference it is

And so obscured

To think of the hate

You have on your plate

Will show you the love

When you dissipate.

Love Is Stronger Than Hate!


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In matters of love where the heart is at risk.. you can hate as much as you love, but it has no armour that love cannot penetrate. Love is the strongest. When indifference is mastered we can love those we no longer hate.


It’s rather crude to say it this way, but the fact is…it’s just the plain truth.

What we do consider our moments of pain are in fact just times when there’s something to gain. 

Whenever we fall or bend at the knee,

We grope for the answers, we beg and we plea.

It’s just so fruitless to beg at the door

 ..of the keepers of secrets and so much more. 

We don’t know the answers, and have no quick solutions.

But we do have the makers of some radical fusions. 

It’s not my intent to speak out of line.

It’s completely in tune with my inner Devine. 

There is always the pain, so deep and uncanny,

That tortures beyond all nook and cranny. 

It’s power is held by those who that do grasp.

Never let go and held by a clasp. 

The chains are so heavy, the heart has to pay,

Whenever we feel and think this way! 

Oh down in the dumps, betrayed by our friend.

Never this life do you want to end. 

It’s there in this hold your story behold.

It’s time to release and use your own grease.

Slip out of the squeeze and choking bond

Muster the will, stretch further beyond. 

The child inside knows just what to do.

Whenever it stands in front of you.

Just listen to the voice inside of you. 

The whispers now scream of what to do

It doesn’t matter what anyone said.

You are alive and own your own head. 

What you do conceive as what is the truth

Just shows it’s a friend to your own sleuth. 

Never compare or crudely despair.

You are your own boss and can refill your loss. 

It’s no laughing matter, this I agree,

But whatever you do, release and be free!

This pain in your heart is your jurisdiction

You own the thoughts that you are thinking

There you reign, your sovereignty

At your command and authority.

So put on your armour, stand and be ready

The battle will start and it will be heavy

The forces supreme, they will deny

But you have the rule in your own eye

If all I have said means nothing to you

It’s quite alright if you won’t listen too

But be as it may, you did read this far

And you never left wherever you are

If there’s just one thing that I do know

There’s nothing to deny it ever be so

Just try the tough on and I will bet

Much later on, you won’t regret!

“Last year I remember

And now I forget,

For it doesn’t matter

If I don’t regret.”


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Don’t let doubt consume you!
Erase the word “Failure” from your vocabulary
It implies the lack of #success.
When you feel defeated and incomplete
You lost your #job or performed very badly
The end of the world is now at your door
You want to give up and cry so sadly
It’s not that you didn’t nor that which you couldn’t
It seems so wrong and you know you just shouldn’t
Whatever you did, you gave it your best
The loss of this goal that you did attest
It isn’t a failure! Oh can’t you see?
To imply such defeat does surely ignore
The progress you’ve made
And deny your true core!
So see all the distance
And note well how far
All conquered behind you
The success’s by far!
The #winner in you
Is something to see
There is no failure
If you had asked me!
So ….Ask yourself…
Is there something else you’d like to do?
Something else you wanted to try.
Add a side gig or full one too,
What was your #dream,
And where is the gleam?
Did you not have the faith to give it a go?
Was it there all along waiting to grow?
Can you muster the hope and acknowledge it too,
Now that you need something to do?
Give it a go and try all your best.
It doesn’t matter to all of the rest.
It might seem extreme and look like allot,
You only need try and regret you will not!
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Don’t let doubt consume you!
Erase the word “Failure” from your vocabulary
It implies the lack of success.
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Dear Depression,

I’m breaking up with you!

It’s over now, you can leave

I can’t remember the first day we met

when you swept me away

And I was caught in your net

I was in a sad place, that I remember

Alone with two hearts, I am their mother

I was all alone, with dreams that were shattered

Telling officials all that had mattered

I had to be strong and survive as well

I silently cried, I could not tell

The pain in my mind was yelling at me

The heart that was pure, defending me

I awoke each day, not seeing your face

No feelings allowed when in this place

You did not ask me to enter my home

Nor greet me hello , or any shalom

With no introduction, I thought about you

I did not know you wanted me too

Your insistence to see me when I was alive

Romanced my poor sorrow when I did drive

Your visits increased, you’d come unannounced

Not even a word you jumped in and pounced

You told me of things that I never thought

And how I believed..why the hell not?

Who could resist your admiral qualities

Undying devotion and potent loyalties

I was cold…so I put on your cloak

Not caring at all, my neck it did choke

So many times I loaned you my mind

It was just my way, to always be kind

You almost succeeded that time from before

But then I heard it, that knock on the door

It started so softly, so I wasn’t that sure

Since I was listening, my eyes chimed in too

The fog all around me divided in two

And there in the grey, was my break through


Dear darling depression, it’s been quite awhile

I thought of you last week, and I had to smile

There was a clear trigger that stared right at me

And then I remembered.. I’m ok to be me!

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