Trust was not the issue

It was the action in the day

And always did continue

Not once did it sway

More than just a grimace

A malicious sort of plough

Meandered across the face

And landed on the brow

An action more than instinct

A response within the tone

A fortitude of hatred

From past mistakes did hone

A gun without a bullet

Distinguished in sinew

It really has no merit

When it’s pointing at you

What resides within the core

Is the address of your soul.

It’s here the heart does more

It has nowhere else to go

A bond of trust thats broken

Before it reached its height

The fairness was misplaced

With the hatred in the bite

A public world of justice

An inner battle lost

The evil first to torment

And goodness fixed in frost

When pairs of two are broken

When sadness rules the world

All #happiness forgotten

And spirals have uncurled

It’s the path we do not chose

It’s the road we dare not travel

It’s the ease of running far

It’s the truth that does unravel

Consider all you’ve gained

And not what you have lost

For all you have attained

Your love is not the cost

There’re pieces of your heart

That remain when you embrace

It’s really very smart

To wear a smile upon your face

Are you trusting with your heart?

#Photography by my gifted friend and world renowned photographer Ian McCann .

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“There’re pieces of your heart

That remain when you embrace

It’s really very smart

To wear a smile upon your face!”




My home became my office…

My pen became my sword

My truth was my word

My words were full of mission

My device my ammunition!

I told about my fall

I raised my ever all

Never looking back

I released the great attack.

I have it in me now

I never question how

It’s my calling that I see

To help humanity!

The risk I did once fear

The leap I took this year

I cried so many tears

I hid from all my peers.

But after so much work

I’m jolted with a jerk

To take another lap

In life’s other off-road map!

“No journey is complete

As long as you have feet

In the address of your soul

There only is one goal!”

It’s ok to lose your way

It’s hard for you to stay

You don’t know where you are

But you’ve really come so far!

Don’t look back evermore

You don’t live there anymore

Don’t worry where you go

It’s inside where you grow!🙏

Are your feet moving?

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There was a time long ago

It was here, that I know

I knew I used it long before

I put it safe behind the door

But only then I couldn’t find

Lost inside my tortured mind

Panic buttons I did hit

Running now in a fit

It was here! It really was!

And now it’s gone. Oh it was

But if it went then why I say

Did it feel like yesterday?

It’s bugging me, this little thing!

Can’t sit still, nor can I sing!

Oh my God do I feel stupid!

It never was so deeply rooted!

It was a moment I did fear

It was a moment in a year

But truly now I know I had it

Didn’t know that I could grab it

I let it hold me very tight

It was so dark and like the night

A weight so heavy in my chest

But frozen feet stay at rest

It squeezed my throat. No more voice

It screamed at me I had no choice

Left me lying in my body

Nothing worked, somewhat gaudy

It pounded, slapped and cursed at me

It Beat my soul relentlessly

And yet I watched and took it all

I had my back against the wall

I cried, said stop, just go away

Why me? What for? Why this day?

When in my mind I chose to die

My heart cried out “it’s a lie!”

I couldn’t save me anymore

Message sent to my hearts door

No more pain, no more sorrow

I will not wake on the morrow

It’s not the death that I did want

It was the pain and all the taunt

No living creature should endure

This evil force for ever more

All the parts that sought to fight

They scurried round with all their might

Don’t let her go she needs to stay

This is not her dying day

Nothing shone upon her face

The beast of burden won his place

He won the battle he fought hard

He walked away and left his guard

Minutes sent from parts in seconds

Urgent calls and body beckons

Oh the brain it could not stop

The lying body would not drop

Within a second not too late

A flame of hope demonstrate

A breath of courage blazed on in

Ready for the evil’s grin

And there it was I had found it

My ears and soul did resound it

Eye to eye this devil here

I stared right at the face of fear

Unto this beast and horrid man

My virtue came and eyes did scan

Hot headed monster, bully too!

You poor dear soul, there’s nothing in you!



#Life is a precious gift! It’s not all pleasant for everyone. There are many things we can fix, but never can we control the acts of another. That is not our jurisdiction.

Some of us have it worse,

Some are prone to pain

Some never knew what it was

Some cannot explain.

Abuse in any shape or form

Is crime unto the brain!

No other life can we perform

For fear is this domain.

Of any word said obscured

Can have a mighty blow!

It’s not a choice to stay in pain

It’s something you don’t know.

For those who live and carry on

Through your courage! You have won!

But if you suffer or know one too

This is wrong and you must do,

All you can to help and change

This world of evil so deranged!

Do not judge or make a statement

Rather look and seek abatement .

Stand for #courage in your words

It is in this when not inferred!

To make a difference to this crime

In every act, one at a time!

Raise your voice, and children too!

Have I made it clear for you?



Well I must say I need a rest

I really did try my best

I’m still behind in all my mail

It’s not that I did not fail

I have attempted many times

To answer so many lines

But late at night I have to stop

My eyelids only want to drop

But this I say to all of you

If there is something you want too

A need or want or something different

Just find a way and make it reverent

When your imagination sparks

The dreams announce their remarks

If there’s a pebble in your shoe

Your steps will never walk with you

To walk inline with your dream

The path is one that doesn’t gleam

There is much work that’s hard to do

It takes much care and promise too

Much time it takes to get it going

Days are fast and hours flowing

A passion sense is your desire

And truth beholds the dying liar

Before you started with a thought

Doubted too and you forgot

But once you stopped to try it on

The flare began and you begun

All the pebbles in your shoes

They fell out with much good news

A finer line was meant to be

When you just test reality

Do you have pebbles in your shoes?


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When I was four or maybe five

My world around was my surprise

I lived at home and on my street

Where all my neighbours I would meet

Outside we’d play and live in freedom

Retire inside within our kingdom

Each day would bring a new adventure

Where we all travelled “Bonaventure!”

This was my world, my sense of life

Never knew the word called “strife”

My friends across the street from me

Always brought good company

Some words they said, I never heard

“It’s in Italian, from Italy!”

I tried to say but only slurred

“That’s OK”, they said to me

I did not question, nor reflect

Being young you don’t regret

I’d learn some words and try a few

My British roots were added too

And on this street on one clear day

I asked my mummy to look my way

I asked about my bank account

And inquired of its amount

She looked at me like I had horns

“Where on earth?” she really scorns

Wondering now, what did I do

I said my friend had one too

She look at me and simply said

“Oh silly child they’re Italian purebred.”

But what she said next blew me away

“We’re not Italian!”…what did she say?

Or how I felt a sudden rift

How I remember this paradigm shift

I thought I was Italian! it’s true!

We were all the same, was my point of view

So now I remember how this “different” started

What was together was now departed

What I thought in human nature

Removed by that of human nurture

I forgot about money and bank accounts too

I now saw a difference between “me” and “you”

But how it’s perceived is significant here

Humanity is first, this I hold dear!

It still remains with me this day

That I was happy to think my way

Those words said then, That very moment!

The word called “different” was my opponent!

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I’m writing poems almost every day😇

It is easier for me to #share this way

I really hope that you don’t mind.

I like words that magically unwind.😊

But on Sunday! I like to share from my special collection.

And today my poem here is a child’s reflection

I strongly believe in humanity

I also support diversity


The poem I share here is a true story. I lived and was raised on a street here in Canada where every neighbour was from somewhere else around the world. It was a land of immigrants all here on this street; like a United Nations of different cultures and diversity.

But it is through the eyes of a child reflecting here, who didn’t know anybody was different. She saw people for people and thought they were all the same. Sure there were differences, but she knew that God made everyone unique.

“It’s one of the first lessons in life

and a disheartening one too,

when the pure mind of a child

is altered by a view.” #opism

This one is rather funny actually….but it rings so true

What I want to say to you.

Comment after what challenges you see in our daily life of humanity?

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We are all unique and should celebrate

But also remember all humans equate

No one is better when born on this earth

The lives that we live are different from birth

One must consider the mind of a child

When born we are pure, tender and mild

Life is the test beyond all comprehension

We are born in a world of condemnation

In order to walk we learn how to crawl

In order to get, we learn how to bawl

In order to love, we learn to survive

In order to die, we must first be alive

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10,080 minutes a week

1440 minutes a day

60 minutes an hour

I minute ….60 seconds

In the days of your life and the time in your minutes…

There are things that we do and things that we don’t.

There’s the things that we say that raise our spirits

There’s things not said and deny why we won’t

There’s things to write and things to read

There’s things to fix and things to buy

There’s meals to make with food to feed

There’s times you laugh and those you cry

There are #jobs to be done and those that we search

There are schedules to keep and things that we miss

There’s bills to pay and things to research

There’s really much more to add to this

There’s seniors in homes and all alone

There’s people out there that you don’t know

There’s friends who wait for you to phone

There’s children around..oh how they grow

“There’s a world full of people

And you have begun,

It’s a minute well spent

When you have helped but one!” #opism

Let’s #share and #care

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