Sometimes we say

What we don’t mean

We say some words

That are obscene

For when we speak

Those words to others

Inside our heads

Opposing mutters

There starts a fight

Inside of you

And possibly

Outside you too

If meant in kind

Could it be good

If you do lie

For help you should

If meant to charge

And accuse

Won’t a lie

To all abuse

If meant in jest

To spark a laugh

If it’s not true

On whose behalf

If to explain

What isn’t right

What is colour

Without sight

If it supports

Your point of view

Who needs convincing

Me or you

If you insist

You know the answer

What came first

The song or dancer

When you are playing

Or competing

Is it ok

To keep repeating

If what you say

You have to question

What makes a lie

A valued lesson

At times we say

What isn’t true

A lie that’s kind

Can trick you too

The truth is best

To win a fight

Sometimes we lie

To make things right

When you deny

Inside what’s true

The guilt inside

Imprisons you


Published by PaulaG

I am a deep thinker, lover of thoughts, a prolific writer sharing my words. In sharing I am caring. I am a member of the human race with an appetite to motivate, inspire, empower and provoke thinking. I stand for dignity in humanity. I am compelled to a vision that we are all here for a reason, life is like a deck of cards... “My cards. My deal. Life is learning the game!” #opism What is OPISM? I have come up with this term as my nick name is Op and they are my own quotes representing a moral doctorine belief system. Thus...Op+ism=Opism. #opism My Motto! “Dignity is Free” How I live...Embracing Dignity My professional experience is disbursed across industries from financial services and sales to that of personal and emergency care. As one who has trained and coached, mentored and taught; it has become a passion within to witness and feel joy in the achievement and success of others that I have been associated with. I am a lifelong learner and have created and facilitated various training materials. It is through such experience that I discovered the power of positive feedback in both professional and personal manners. I am self disciplined, accountable, determined, humble, loyal and adaptive; but above all I value my integrity! I am a decent human being. It is with my greatest pleasure to share with others the power of positive words.

4 thoughts on “‼️IMPRISONS YOU‼️

  1. Dearest Paula,
    It is very pleasant to follow the reasoning of your words. I consider myself a very lucky reader for the grace of being feeding on his expertise and generosity. Have a prosperous and blessed day ahead.🙏


    1. I am humbled my friend. I am all to thankful to have a discussion. Your communication is very valued. Our thoughts we like to share.. an open mind is one full of wonder my friend! Thank you and have a very wonderful day Antonio🙏

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  2. Dearest and esteemed Paula 🇨🇦 Goodman,
    !! Imprisons you!!

    This article of yours published today, it’s very strong. Who can exempt themselves from responsibilities in the face of these words. I’ve been meditating on it for a long time. It’s a real slap in the face.
    This reminded me of a very wise woman who said, “I prefer a truth, which is true, than a godly lie”.
    Also his article is in synergy with Philippians 4:8, which says: “In conclusion, dear brothers, absolutely everything that is true, whatever is honest, all that is just, all that is pure, whatever is kind, whatever is of good fame, if there is anything excellent or worthy of praise, think about it”.

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    1. It truly is amazing. I recently reflected on honesty as I wrote these lines. Which lead me to wonder about the phrase “ Honesty is the best policy”. It has been said by many in quoting others. So who is the honest holder of this quote you ask? Lol….

      I was interested in finding its origin

      Benjamin Franklin

      “Honesty is the best policy. It is believed to be Benjamin Franklin who first said that “Honesty is the best policy”.
      Trisha proud, wordpress May 9, 2012

      The one I always thought….

      Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra. Here is the misattributed quote (from Act 1, Scene IV): “Honesty is the best policy. If I lose my honor, I lose myself.”

      But then there was this…

      This proverb is first found in the writings of Sir Edwin Sandys, the English politician and colonial entrepreneur, who was prominent in the Virginia Company which founded the first English settlement in America, at Jamestown, Virginia. In Europae Speculum, 1599, Sandys


      It seems rather contrite to be professing an author re honesty when perhaps it isn’t true???

      I’m just speculating as to authenticity. We are evolved to a time where we can research as fast as clicking some keys… as to times of past… the words repeated were perhaps heard before and duplicated… the intent and idea of truth?? That is the question of integrity one must deal with on their dying day.

      Thank you for adding to this discussion and sharing your thoughts as I still had more too. Have a great day my esteemed Antonio

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