‼️BRAIN BEATING‼️ The brain just stopped What it was doing It wouldn’t work It was fuming How many times It did compute Everything  The mind dispute From the day  That it was born There was always More to learn Every second  From a month Until now It does confront Neuron parties Everywhere Connections made Learning […]



‼️🦠BURIED IN A TOMB🦠‼️ We all need each other a little more now‼️ #Business needs to step aside. #Health matters first‼️ ‼️‼️‼️PEOPLE MATTER FIRST‼️‼️‼️ Staying at #home was something I was already doing…  now that I should stay home… it feels more restricted… What was before and how we were Is gone for now and […]


‼️MENTAL JURISDICTION‼️Look right hereSee these wordsSome are coolOthers absurdIf you are readingDoes that meanYou understandEverythingIn all the slangAnd hyper verbsAre there someYou never heardDo you wonderIf sometimesThere’s more to thisBetween the linesDo you retractAnd paraphraseOnly to feelYou’re in a mazeGoing in circlesAnd repeatingCompositionsGive a beatingToo many linesEach word a playerIt’s no funWhen it’s naysayersWhy the […]


Classroom rows  And cubicles Nothing grows Cells refuse Where you sit  And what you’re told Imagination Undersold Every day The same thing Never question Anything At your desk Or on the road All you do  Is what your told In your heart You gave up Swallow from The coffee cup Sour milk Is disguised Darkened […]