‼️🦠BURIED IN A TOMB🦠‼️ We all need each other a little more now‼️ #Business needs to step aside. #Health matters first‼️ ‼️‼️‼️PEOPLE MATTER FIRST‼️‼️‼️ Staying at #home was something I was already doing…  now that I should stay home… it feels more restricted… What was before and how we were Is gone for now andContinue reading “‼️BURIED IN A TOMB‼️”


‼️MENTAL JURISDICTION‼️Look right hereSee these wordsSome are coolOthers absurdIf you are readingDoes that meanYou understandEverythingIn all the slangAnd hyper verbsAre there someYou never heardDo you wonderIf sometimesThere’s more to thisBetween the linesDo you retractAnd paraphraseOnly to feelYou’re in a mazeGoing in circlesAnd repeatingCompositionsGive a beatingToo many linesEach word a playerIt’s no funWhen it’s naysayersWhy theContinue reading “‼️MENTAL JURISDICTION‼️”


‼️PERCOLATED‼️ Sometimes  We need a visual We all are Individual Others Need a paragraph Some just need A real good laugh People Have a knack for this How they clear What is amiss Teachers sell An old idea To the class Shakespeare Ophelia  Poetic license Demonstrates Outside the box Percolates Singers’s words In a tuneContinue reading “‼️PERCOLATED‼️”