Dear Depression,

I’m breaking up with you!

It’s over now, you can leave

I can’t remember the first day we met

when you swept me away

And I was caught in your net

I was in a sad place, that I remember

Alone with two hearts, I am their mother

I was all alone, with dreams that were shattered

Telling officials all that had mattered

I had to be strong and survive as well

I silently cried, I could not tell

The pain in my mind was yelling at me

The heart that was pure, defending me

I awoke each day, not seeing your face

No feelings allowed when in this place

You did not ask me to enter my home

Nor greet me hello , or any shalom

With no introduction, I thought about you

I did not know you wanted me too

Your insistence to see me when I was alive

Romanced my poor sorrow when I did drive

Your visits increased, you’d come unannounced

Not even a word you jumped in and pounced

You told me of things that I never thought

And how I believed..why the hell not?

Who could resist your admiral qualities

Undying devotion and potent loyalties

I was cold…so I put on your cloak

Not caring at all, my neck it did choke

So many times I loaned you my mind

It was just my way, to always be kind

You almost succeeded that time from before

But then I heard it, that knock on the door

It started so softly, so I wasn’t that sure

Since I was listening, my eyes chimed in too

The fog all around me divided in two

And there in the grey, was my break through


Dear darling depression, it’s been quite awhile

I thought of you last week, and I had to smile

There was a clear trigger that stared right at me

And then I remembered.. I’m ok to be me!

#PaulaG #opism. #paulapoems


Do you want to cry?

Are you sad and upset?

Are you home all alone?

Did you slam down the phone?

Was it something just said?

Did it happen just now?

Or replayed in your head

This moment! Just now!

Do you hold it all in?

Do you whimper in pain?

Are the sobs very loud?

Are you with a crowd?

Did you bang your poor toe?

Did you bellow or yell?

Was there squeals of delight

To win a free flight?

Was there a slight yell

On the step you did fell?

Or did you wince very softly

As it was so costly?

Are you greatly lamented

And dare make a sound?

Forever just haunted

As you look around?

No one to talk to?

Hurt and confused?

Nobody told you

You have the blues…

Do you look up and wonder

And ask your God “why”?

Shake your head wildly?

Do you let out a sigh?


We all cry and that’s ok!

It’s a natural response for emotional release.

Crying releases #stress & relieves your pain, self calms, & soothes.

Tears cleanse the eyes and improves your sight

It is not a sign of weakness!

People respond to tears in a human way that offers attachment and helps #support. If your tears do continue and you can’t seem to stop, look for some answers and see a doctor. #Depression involves other aspects too but the tears are the clue when you always feel blue.


#PaulaG #opism #paulapoems



The other day my daughter said to me, “mom! I don’t want to grow up”

She just turned 20.

I said “neither do I”

This young & beautiful #Millennial has seen too much in #life & at the same time hasn’t experienced it in a broader sense either..

Oh the words of wise I wanted to spew…that.. “yes I know, I’ve been there too!”

No I couldn’t to this.. For It was clear to me that she really did have some valid reasons..we all do!

Life can be really scary. Period.

It can hit you hard in the chest, make you lose your breathe & demand a big chunk of your sanity

There are those who are deemed weak for wondering if this earth is where they want to be.

It is getting harder, this is true..

We can’t figure out just what to do.

We scramble, blame, scream & shout,

retreat, cry, hibernate & pout!

We offer #coaching, success, money & influence!

Emotional skill & artificial #intelligence?

How to save time with meals in a box;

brought to you from your mobile docks!

Answers to questions in seconds is fair,

But 10,000 I even compare?

We are overwhelmed and stimulated

Underpaid and humiliated.

Quick to obey? Equal rites?..No way!

There’s always an ulterior motive that’s true.

Follow my link, oh! There’s a price there too!


This little self inside of you…

Sent forth a wave to penetrate too.

Faith & Hope is all you need!

You are the flower, You are the seed!

The most beautiful, YOU are a ROSE!



To be real it must exist!

To exist it must be real!

To exist is to live!

To live is to be real!

So do THOUGHTS exist?

If it isn’t real, it doesn’t exist!


Thoughts do not exist!

Thoughts are not real!


What you ‘think’ isn’t real!


What you ‘believe’ is real.

To believe is accepting something as the truth.

Believing is the act of accepting.

A belief is the attitude that something is true. Accepting something as true.

An attitude is reflected in your behaviour.

To be true is to not be false.

It is your measure of faith that will determine your choice in what you chose to believe.

Know Your Power Here!

If what you believe is not making you happy.

Change the thought.

Believe something else and make it good.

Act it out.

Enjoy the rewards.

Don’t like it?

You can always change your mind!

There are no mistakes, just ‘nothing’ little thoughts.

The best thing to do is to just be true.

Truth is as real as you make it.

So you will be the only judge here.

We get to control our lives this way.

You are what you believe.

It’s really all up to you!

Be your own best friend!

Believe in you!

#PaulaG #opism #paulapoems


Thinking back before this day

How it came to be this way

Did you master all of it?

Every single little bit?

Or were there times you questioned too

Did your parents purchase you,

Or settled for the sight of you?

Do you have siblings, that you like,

Or cousins hence you like to fight?

Did you change your own hair colour,

Thinking that you’d look much better?

How come your friends have it all

When you struggle & feel so small?

How is it that you failed at school

And never felt that really cool?

Or maybe you are quite successful

Was this something just inevitable?

Was it clear from that day one

You had your orders one by one?

Did you know what was in store?

Did you know something more?

Is there a way to determine

What will be…is for certain?

If I await & take no action

Will I have much satisfaction?

But if I chose to play a hand

Will I succeed on this land?

Life’s not fair, this is my fate

Predetermined & gravitate

& when I decide in reality

Did I change my #Destiny?

#PaulaG #opism #paulapoems

To think of your fate is to be deterministic.

You just accept things..

“If it was meant to be it will happen”

“It is what it is”

To think in terms of Destiny allows probability to exist;

It is not absolute and allows for change.

If you don’t like it..change it!

Destiny is more #positive!


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