To the one
We first met
Inside her body
We were kept

To the man
We first loved
Who held our hands
This I think of

To the siblings
Out they came
Shared our homes
And our name

To the parents
And the uncles
Aunties too
With their bundles

Cousins close
And some so far
Other lands
To far by car

We do look up
And figure out
If we were blood
Without a doubt

Family secrets
We all have them
Some we find
There’s other kin

If we keep searching
We keep finding
Then there’s those
Who have no binding

Torn away
Unfaithful loves
Result this way

Family units
Defined for you
Are the family
That is not true

There are people
Who you live with
Then there’s people
Your life you’d give

A family where
You love and trust
Other people
Is a must

What is blood
You cannot change
But who you love
Can be arranged

No piece of paper
Or a name
Has any clout
In heart’s domain

Be grateful to
The blood that loves you
Honour those
Whose blood they give you


In honour of International Family Day‼️



To every single human
I share with all my heart
For every single thought
There has to be a start

What makes us think beyond
The world that we live in
All the love and joy
And every single sin

We all have a view
And only some will share
It happens every second
Conversations are out there

Every word that’s uttered
Is valued by the speaker
Some are most profound
While others are the weaker

In our minds we are alone
We search and look around
Looking hard to find
We seek a common ground

Something to hold onto
Something to believe
Something to give reason
Something to achieve

We need a solid base
A foundation where to stand
Some are afraid to lose
And fear change to understand

What works for other beings
May not work well with you
Everyone is different
Your life is needed too

Sometimes we need a rest
From leading in ourselves
A time to take a break
And let others lead as well

The thing that makes it smart
Is knowing you have will
Not everyone is climbing
Up the same big hill

The cracks along the way
Will allow you to slow down
As long as you keep going
It’s not over when you frown

Everyone’s a climber
Not everyone can climb
In humanity together
We have to stand in line

There is a time to process
And understand it all
Accepting there are moments
From this climb that we will fall

Expect to lose your grip
Anticipate the fall
This is where you learn
And find you most of all

Everyone is climbing
Some are in a rush
Just let them be
They too will learn from this

After this is over
What will happen next
Does it make a difference
If no lesson here did fix

So if I were to say
And address Humanity
After this is over
Did I become a better me?




Sometimes we say

What we don’t mean

We say some words

That are obscene

For when we speak

Those words to others

Inside our heads

Opposing mutters

There starts a fight

Inside of you

And possibly

Outside you too

If meant in kind

Could it be good

If you do lie

For help you should

If meant to charge

And accuse

Won’t a lie

To all abuse

If meant in jest

To spark a laugh

If it’s not true

On whose behalf

If to explain

What isn’t right

What is colour

Without sight

If it supports

Your point of view

Who needs convincing

Me or you

If you insist

You know the answer

What came first

The song or dancer

When you are playing

Or competing

Is it ok

To keep repeating

If what you say

You have to question

What makes a lie

A valued lesson

At times we say

What isn’t true

A lie that’s kind

Can trick you too

The truth is best

To win a fight

Sometimes we lie

To make things right

When you deny

Inside what’s true

The guilt inside

Imprisons you


Don’t Let The Past Define You…

✅‼️Happy Monday Beautiful People‼️✅



“Do not let the past define you

It’s really there to refine you!”👊👍🙏




When I was a girl
A very little one
I use to play with dolls
And have a lot of fun

I played with my sisters
All younger than me
I was the oldest one
After me were three!

Our parents give us love
They are our first guru
Every parent knows
That this is what we do

In memories retrieved
I like to see the good
It really feeds the heart
Where love is understood

As children are impressed
With how we raise our young
I really am amazed
When mothers we become

We often mimic ways
And echo many phrases
Years that pass with time
We repeat in paraphrases

“When I was young like you..”
“My parents use to say..”
“This is how it is..”
And “It is so cause I say!”

Until we have our own
We hardly really think
The words that we were told
Had power that would sink

So much we take for granted
We assume that all is fine
Until we lose a woman
Whose mother’s love did shine

Not everyone’s a mother
Not all are really great
But to all we have a mother
And birthing was her fate

The reasons for your birth
Are what you need to see
And hopefully your mother
Was not in captivity

Your Mother is a child
Of another mother
What was handed down
To her from another

We don’t have all the answers
But we do have a bond
And even in some absence
The heart holds this strong


Happy Mother’s day🌹🙏

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