This is a time of great reflection
Looking back with introspection
Sitting down or driving too
This is what’s inside of you

Many years and many faces
All the world and all the places
Where you were and what you did
Some of which were off your grid

No amount of understanding
Prepares in life what is astounding
Never do we know our path
All the planning and the wrath

The plans you made and goals of gold
All value now is undersold
It is a dream that started young
Now you wonder what you’ve done

So now you feel and start to see
What your dream has come to be
Or if you ever dreamed at all
Cannot remember nor recall

Too much time has left your side
In this solace you reside
Do you dare to think of more
Do you drive and just ignore

There’s no escaping from these thoughts
Haunting you within your walks
What can you do when you fear
Thinking truths that you hold dear

Is now a time that you can act
Is there an answer you say back
If you have lost a dream or two
Do you know what you can do

If you just try and not be false
Why not act on this impulse
In all the time that you look back
Never mind, it’s time to act



The human hand
That held me down
Wanted me to
Sink and drown

Under the surface
I was sinking
No longer had
A mind to think in

Held by you
When I was under
Your hateful soul
And water pressure

Here somehow
I was gone
To survive
My death was done

Nothing felt
Like anything
The song in me
Did not sing

In the silence
A mermaid sees
And helps recover

When in the sea
Of deepest blue
There she is
Alone with you

If there is air
Inside of you
There is a chance
That you’ll get through

If there’s a mermaid
In your view
There is a thought
To live in you

Figments from
Handed down
For generations

But if they were
A myth or true
Is this not hope
Inside of you?

Thunder loud
Upon the sea
Lightning strikes
Inside of me

Beneath the surface
My eyes open
I felt pain
Mermaid has spoken

To the hand
That held me down
Almighty waves
I will not drown

In my peace
A tidal wave
Swept away
I am saved

When you’re gone
I will swim
Return my love
To me within

Mermaid beauty
In my mind
Revealed to me
My life to find


‼️Digital Media‼️


To all you digital citizens

I Thank you all in my Linkedin

In 60,000 minutes, 41 days will have passed

1,000 hours is how long it would last

So I thank all of you with this post enthusiast

Every single one of you is value surpassed


I truly am grateful to everyone of you‼️

Thank you for finding value in me🙏

“It really is incredible

What you can do on digital”



Honour the birthright of dignity‼️❤️🙏


Be real, supportive, helpful and true

Never copy or tell what to do

Offer your words

Chose them with care

Connect for sure

But be smart out there

Endorse what you know

Not to just grow

For if it’s not real

It’s a dead deal

Be proud of your game

And loyal to your name

Support one another

And don’t feel pressure

True people will be there

They know how to care

Tag when it’s helpful

Not just to up sell

Post and respond

Talk to anyone

Avoid the cliques

That make you feel weak

Those who are strong

May be wrong

Those who are right

Aren’t always in sight

It’s all in the value

Of those around you

Where you go 

And what you show

But most of all

Make the call

To engage with others

And network together


Midweek Pump‼️

✅‼️Happy Day‼️✅



For your midweek reminder…🗣🗣🗣😀

“Sometimes you got to kick some ass

And make room for pizzazz”




Where you fall
No matter what
What goes down
Will come up

In the mist
In the fog
Inside out
Your watchdog

Observer here
Looking out
Here my words
I do shout

I am screaming
I am here
Come back to me
I love you dear

Where are you now
Don’t walk away
I am here
To me obey

All you have
Endured and lived
I was there

Now you think
You can leave
Don’t run away
And just believe

That where you go
No matter how
I am there too
Let’s talk right now

That’s the truth
I am here
Not far from you
Why do you fear

Please don’t go
Before I’m done
I am here
We are one

There’s only one
Greater than you
And that is me
Inside you too

Yes it’s true
I am here
Not out there
But in you dear

Worship me
Have no fear
Nowhere else
I am clear

Take care of me
Say hello
I am here
And where you go

I am not seen
In a temple
I am here
In all people

If you listen
To my voice
You know me
It’s your choice

You can’t ignore
And yet you try 
I am here
Until you die

Then you’ll see
And hear me too
Welcome home
My God it’s you

In the image
Of my form
I made you 
From dusty storm

I the master
Have created
Planned before
I am debated

Here I ask
Why so surprised
Why are you 
So Mesmerized?

Oh the fortune
You are missing
When you fight
This reminiscing 

Magic powers
Play on you
Look much deeper
I tell you too

It is no mystery
Here I am
In your form
In every man

No age, sex
Or body type
I am here
Day and night

There is no time
You can capture
What I tell you
Is hereafter

Make your way
You have free will
I grant you this
I wait until

At the end 
Of your journey
We’ll look back
Did you ignore me?

I’ll ask you then
If you believed
If all you did
Was preconceived

Before your birth 
And after life
I made it clear
With all the strife

Was the pain
Storms arise
With falling rain

Hope and faith
In all these times
Mercy is here
In all man’s crimes 

When to resolve
Is the question
I give you hope
In your heaven

When you need peace
In your heart
My arms are here
To help you start

Brutal shots
I felt them too
Faith became
Survival through

Desperate whispers
Some joy to adore
You called my name
“Oh God!” you sent for?

And here you are
We are close
Awakened now
Not comatose

There you have it
I have spoken
You’re not dreaming
But have awoken.

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