‼️TO MY CHILD OF DIVORCE‼️ In a dream when I was young There was a lady with a man With these two together strong In my dream their love began To this man the woman loved Her heart she had allowed In return he loved her too His heart he too had vowed In thisContinue reading “‼️TO MY CHILD OF DIVORCE‼️”


‼️PIERCE THAT HEART‼️ There is real value When you find Another heart To share your mind But it’s ok If you have lost There’s much to gain When you’re the boss The evidence Is always seen When the heart Shows it’s sheen Own your love Inside of you Give yourself This point of view ThereContinue reading “‼️PIERCE THAT HEART‼️”


‼️YOU ARE PERFECT‼️ There was a moment Just today I felt the world Turn away As I drove  Along the road Someone said  Something bold At me directed And so cutting Don’t they know It’s revolting When they say So meanfully I look away From this bully Why at me Why this statement Do theyContinue reading “‼️YOU ARE PERFECT‼️”


‼️THOSE MOMENTS‼️ We all have those  moments… When something from the past Creeps into the present And hits us really fast Before we even know it We enter memory’s bank And withdraw some amount The overdraft just sank It doesn’t matter when It cannot tell the time Every memory tries To bug us all sometime SoContinue reading “‼️MY SCOOBY DOO MOMENT‼️ ‼️THOSE MOMENTS‼️”


‼️OH THAT COMFORT ZONE‼️ It’s so cozy And so warm When you stay And don’t perform Out in life Where it’s hard Other beings Check your card Look at them Checking you Stay inside Is what you do Paranoia Your best friend Unless you enter It won’t end In the comfort Of your zone ThisContinue reading “‼️OH THAT COMFORT ZONE‼️