‼️‼️Happy Canada Day‼️‼️

It started in July, 


A British North American Act

Self governing dominion 

Here’s a little story

Of how we came to be

When European explorers 

Thought the indies they did see

They met the native peoples

And called them Indian

There were no maps to show them

New territory they were in

They lived a way of life

Some were nomadic

Others farmed the land

They valued and respected

Missionaries and explorers 

Interacted in a way

That changed them all forever

And took their land away

Populations changed

As interactions mingled

Prosperity for some

Discrepancy commingled 

The British sent Cabot

Who found us by mishap

The French they had Cartier

Who put “Kanata” on the map

A word from the people,

Meaning settlement of village

A community together

And some did suffer pillage 

The competitions grew

Of who would own the land

Nothing has changed here

The world and it’s commands

Eventually some truce

Was put on papers true

Signatures together

Accommodated too

Migrations and expansions

North America did split


Set North the Loyalist

The first to Prohibit


Upper Canada’s Gen. Simcoe

Abolished slavery 

The North Star was followed

The empire was inviting

Underground Railroad

Anti slavery was in writing

This is just a glimpse

A bit about our nation

We are a country with

Abundant diversification

This is my village home

I share some history

Oh Canada, North Star

I highlight humanity

We’ve always been inviting

And we will stand on guard

All people here together

In Canada’s backyard


“When you love 

Where you’re livin’

It’s pretty cool

Being Canadian”





For many it is difficult and this is quite outstanding
Plenty of us are scattered and barely even standing
The many situations and life of circumstances 
Brings us to our knees and halts so many chances

The time you spend in kneeling 
Is naked and revealing
Humbled and at the mercy
For water when you’re thirsty

In this gripping time you may not be familiar
And now you see to suffer, is not for all so similar
To depend upon a system, or ask for some real help
Invites you to reflect on how others may have felt

You might have been a leader, or a working bee
And now you are just hoping, to feed your family
It’s nothing new to some, but it is new to you
And now you learn from them, there’s more that you can do

Reassessment of all wants, if they were really needs
You find what really matters and let go the many greeds
The time and all the effort, who was driving who
So many in society controlling over you

When you’re on your knees, begging is an option
Knowing what you have, is standing in your fortune
The life you try to fill with fussy little details
Means nothing to the eye, when all other else fails

The most compromising times, when you are at your worst
Are there to teach you things, and introduce the thirst
At first you mourn a loss and then you ask because
You thought you were in charge and now you feel the loss

No one can predict, a major transformation 
Its power is most likely, a divine intervention
When you see the light that shines in the darkness
You dust off your knees and faithfully find kindness 

Forgetting all your woes and knowing what you need
Life is not the same after believing does proceed
New tools you have to build and dig your way back out
The excitement you discovered will take away the doubt

It really takes a loss, to find you had a gain
There’d be no such thing as pleasure, if there was no pain
To think of falling down, as something so upsetting
It’s really there for you, to see what you’re forgetting


“When you’re on your knees

Begging is an option

When you use your feet

Standing is your fortune”





Are you tired?

Yes I’m tired

All the bad news

All the sad stories

All the misfortune

All the worries

So many views

So many screens

So many people

So many scenes


And confused

So many people

Are abused

What’s in your face

Can get too much

Life right now

Can’t take this stuff

There is no quick

Or easy way

To fast forward

Through the day

Take hold right now

As you discover

In this moment

You need cover

Stop what you’re doing

Turn things off

A little silence

And some love

It’s ok

Yes it is

Time for you

To honour this

A little rest

Is all you need

Social media

Brings fatigue

Without awareness

To this issue

Declining health

Will affect you



When you’re tired

You can’t care

Remember you

Before you started

And your heart

To be cathartic

What you can do

For your soul

Is best aligned

When you are whole

Be kind to you

Close your eyes

Breath in deep

And realize

What in the world

You can’t control

Can be altered

When you console

Human nature

Needs all humans

Nature needs

Natural humans



PaulaG‼️ Dignity is Free‼️

Dignity is Free‼️

“Be yourself, Everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

It’s not just fluffy poetry…. it makes you think‼️

Life was not meant to be lived alone, and yet we all have thoughts that we own and are not shared.
No two thoughts are ever the same, nor felt the same by another. Perception is endless… we all have this unique outlook in life. Combine this with your own interpretations …phenomenal….

Like to think? You’ve come to the right place.

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It’s not easy
Some days are hard
I am aware
My life was marred

As I look 
And try to see
From yesterday
To infront of me

I have escaped
I have let go
The chains I wore
I cut them so

And yet I’m sad
And don’t know why
I am alive
I did not die

From my tortured
And flawed past
I am now here
It did not last

The times I was
So very tempted
The want to live
Or run right past it

What many years
Has robbed of me
I want them back
Now I am free

I realize here
As I write
When there’s less days
Then there are nights

Into the shadows
I must withdraw
Allow myself
This time to crawl

Remind myself 
That it’s ok
Forgiving is 
The only way

When I’m grey
I sit and face it
“I want to live”
This is my statement

I have to let
The feelings ride
It’s not good
To let them hide

If I can face
Another day
This is success
And love to sway

In the darkness 
I was blind
But now with light
I can find

That to recall
A bitter moment
Allowed me to
Release a poet

With the ink
Of blood red pain
I write the words
With loves flame

This helps me
Erase the time
Show the world
All can be fine

So if you think 
That it is easy
Sending hope
Keeps me busy

I had to start
I’ll fight for you
Just like I did
For my life too

The message here
Is not from me
A higher power
He writes for thee

Feeling low
Is optimistic
This is the time 
To find hope in it


“Feeling low
Is optimistic
This is the time 
To find hope in it”


In Honour of World Children’s Day November 20

The earth is populated by mothers
The gift of life is a blessing
Not every child is given
The needed nurturing

To bear a child is a miracle
All children are pure and beautiful
In order to help humanity
Show children the meaning of family

Not the nuclear unit
But how to be a student
The open mind and loving heart
All people on earth have a part

When parents are gone or never were there
It’s up to us to show how to care
The first impression is hard to erase
Beware of this when a child you face

When born we are presented
A certificate and a name
To prove we exist
And a part of life’s dear game

If I could add one thing
The right of dignity too
For when it’s engraved
A sense of worth is value

All children are un-condemnable
We have the power of preventable
For what we do, teaches too
Beware of the tarnish from you

In today we add to tomorrow
Our first impression plants
The future is here and now
With dignity you enhance


“Everything we do
Is for the children
If not
Then for who?”

“The first impression
Is hard to erase
Beware of this 
When a child you face”


“Awareness is that observation of space where realization exists”


I write from a place
My soul within
I pick up my pen
And it will begin

It’s partial to me
And subjective for all
The beautiful thing
Are views and their call

Each journey a path
With so many footprints
No two are alike
And all with imprints

In the beat of our hearts
We all have a tune
Alone we can hum 
When the soul has room

The music continues 
And flows in the steps
The shoes continue
And words are met

We join for a time 
And then we move on
But we always remember
The sound of the song

We touch one another
In our paths all along
And voices with others
Makes it more strong

Each voice has a purpose
All reasons to be
To sing with others
In life’s harmony

In the sound of your steps
There is a symphony
If you join along
With heart’s melody

The steps that are heavy
They become lighter
When you sing along
And help one another 

In times of trouble
We need a hand
When one turns away
Another will stand


🌏‼️A Beautiful World Does Exist‼️🌏

“When you feel you are amiss
And blame the world for all of this
Think of the people, not the earth
For a beautiful world does exist
If only you believe it is”

The power of the people cannot fight Mother Nature 
The power of nature always wins
Don’t fight the power that you are a part of
Resistance that is nurtured will destroy 👉you

The winds of breath you feel on your skin
From the heart of creation you are within
If you can’t see the blessings, close your eyes
Return to the breath that nurtures all lives


What is the earth but our home
We cannot live here all alone
If we resist the evil charms
We’d see inviting loving arms

A mother’s love first addressed
But if not given will regress
In all of nature we need to nurture
The love so needed for our future



100,000 words❓
That’s a novel idea‼️
That’s a galleria‼️

What I found
On social media
There are #people 
Who help and need ya

After watching
And observing
I found a place
That was moving

People here
Around the world
Looking for
The oysters pearl

The dreams and wants
The jobseekers
The helpers and 
The influencers

The CEO’s
The motivators
All the many

So many leaders
Kind hearted folk
Selfless givers
Thoughts provoke

Less restrictions
More cultural
Is more spiritual





Without boarders
We are good

Cyber walking
Through the posts
You get to go
Where you like most

What I have found
So most compelling 
Are the ones
Without the selling

A year ago
I took a risk
Added words
To all of this

I could rhyme
My syllables
Inspire others
From my table

Before on linkedin
I did not see
The incredible works
Of poetry

I did not plan
The Word Jedi
The Poetess
For who am I

If I could help
And add value
This was the voice
That said to do

A human here
Who felt the force
Human connection
That’s it of coarse

Of my verse and prose
The moral of my story
A helper truly grows

I want to say
100,000 times
Thank you all
For sharing lines 

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