‼️Dear People…What Say You?‼️

Good morning Beautiful and Precious People‼️
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bless you all.

Grab a cup of coffee, or night time tea
Sit back and allow some time to be free.

There’s always some words that you can read
Greet the the heart in moments of need
Some time to allow the space in thought
Where heart can feel and mind can walk

Enjoy the stroll

‼️Dear People.. what say you?‼️
For you today🙏🙏👇

  Love to hear your thoughts 
‼️Dear People...What Say You?‼️

In times like this
We are forced to address
The inherent disability
That exists in humanity

My tears are flowing
My heart is showing
Can’t stop crying
I’m really just trying 

For a world United
We all are slighted
This is a mistake
What more can we take

Covid crisis
Lockdown ties us
Inside heart fights
For candle lights

To burn the fire
Of Human desire
What we do miss
We all know this

Violent murder
To the spirit
Acting out
People do it 

Is not with it

I’m mortified
Not petrified
I’m not mean
For want to scream

When actions feel
It’s more than real
What’s human in me
With you, can see

War becomes

What of the people
Needing a steeple
The perk of a leader
To keep it together

The task is to great
In creeps the hate
Disloyalty finds
The devil in minds 

When chaos arrives
Hope must arise
To stand out alone
Increases your zone

At the core of the ball
Is humanity, that’s all
From the centre of earth
Your Dignity is birth

There is no remorse
In the devil’s discourse
But removing the gag
Good tongues can wag

Annoyance is 
A big distraction
Is acceptance

Killing time 
Inside living

Feel the power
Of your goodness
Mighty people
Don’t ignore this

Allow the passion
And desire
Stop the mayhem
Process power

Know this I tell you
Love is within you
If we could start over
I’d be a Land Rover

Step on the gas
Cause a distraction
Start an explosion
And make it happen 

The land far and wide
United together
A family with pride
Will last forever

True Patriot seekers
To hell and it’s pain
Without any honour
There’s really no gain

You kill each other
And give up too
When you allow hate
To take over you

This is just wrong
In life we belong
A family community 
Together is Unity

Whatever happened
To the ones laughing
Accepting forgiveness
Now living in madness

To those who travel
Living in violence
Condemned you are
From those in silence

To those in silence
Who want to forgive
Let it be known 
And let the love live

I’m just a person
Much like you are
A poet with words
From my heart’s jar

I cannot stay silent
I need to immerse
Provide some hope
With words in a verse

If I was a leader
And needed some help
I’d turn to the people 
With them figure out

If I was a person
Instead of a poem
I’d try to start where
I’d not be alone

So here are the letters
The release of my rage
What more can I do
On a digital page

If you are thinking 
Anything similar
What say you 
Are you a believer?


Published by PaulaG

I am a deep thinker, lover of thoughts, a prolific writer sharing my words. In sharing I am caring. I am a member of the human race with an appetite to motivate, inspire, empower and provoke thinking. I stand for dignity in humanity. I am compelled to a vision that we are all here for a reason, life is like a deck of cards... “My cards. My deal. Life is learning the game!” #opism What is OPISM? I have come up with this term as my nick name is Op and they are my own quotes representing a moral doctorine belief system. Thus...Op+ism=Opism. #opism My Motto! “Dignity is Free” How I live...Embracing Dignity My professional experience is disbursed across industries from financial services and sales to that of personal and emergency care. As one who has trained and coached, mentored and taught; it has become a passion within to witness and feel joy in the achievement and success of others that I have been associated with. I am a lifelong learner and have created and facilitated various training materials. It is through such experience that I discovered the power of positive feedback in both professional and personal manners. I am self disciplined, accountable, determined, humble, loyal and adaptive; but above all I value my integrity! I am a decent human being. It is with my greatest pleasure to share with others the power of positive words.

2 thoughts on “‼️Dear People…What Say You?‼️

  1. Leaders have become cancer to the society intentionally and unintentionally.
    All the obstacles most face are ment to break them down in to pieces.
    World needs more of you to shed light.
    There is a light at the end of the tunnel but hopefully it’s not an oncoming train.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Blindness is that curtain of uncertainty. Keep the shades open . The window for your soul needs light. Keep the flame of hope alive. It is the light that finds others and you my brother are another. Thank you so much.


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