‼️World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day‼️ Narcissistic Abuse…

‼️World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day‼️

‼️Narcissistic Abuse…

On this first day in June

It’s never too soon

This international day

Narcissists need to pay

There’s nothing worse

To live with this curse

To half the world over

It sits on your shoulder

It’s not your fault

It’s the devil’s occult

This acts academy

You just don’t see

This prominent force

Is the mind’s divorce

Some misdiagnosed

Have left life’s post

Beautiful oceans

A sea full of potions

To the narcissist

You are the pessimist

Pure evil it is

This analysis

For they just believe

And can’t conceive

Disguised allure

There is no cure

It will devour

All your #power

If you can surmise

And do realize

It’s a battle to live

And you must not give

If there’s any way

You must go grey

Become the rock

And truly block

Never look back

It will attack

After this game

Life’s never the same

Please do remember

To not surrender

If a narcissist is near

Don’t give them your fear

Without you to chew

They have nothing to do

They will find another

Make awareness your thunder


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Mon June 1 2020

‼️Undulated Casualty‼️

It was a secret deep inside

What lies beneath the ocean’s tide

I screamed, I cried, and all for what

I loved, I trusted, and I sought


A beast you are I have to say

I wish I knew before that day

But if I did then what would be

How can I make this up to me?


Full disclosure promised thee

The gentle man I once did see

His lips I kissed have always lied

The mask now rests by his side


The silent scream within my soul

Oh where to go without a goal

I feared, I froze, I did defy

Sudden thought, just let me die


I claimed no right to live your life

I was your partner as your wife

I thought only to share with you

In all of life and after too


There was in me a love so pure

Genuine devotion most demure

Candid strength and honesty

I also gave true sympathy


All at once in that moment

You became my opponent

All that was and so much more

No longer now to adore


Fear was now a friend to me

Power here I could not see

All the world I ever knew

Lost all vigor and sinew


I was afraid and paralyzed

Until the day I realized

Your weakened soul did remit

You lost your life and did commit


Evil reigns within you now

I no longer wonder how

In all you do and all you say

Poor soul in you lost it’s way


I cannot help you more my dear

You live alone with all you fear

Your undulated casualty

Is no longer my priority!


“When you live with Narcissism
Hell on earth is your prison” 

Published by PaulaG

I am a deep thinker, lover of thoughts, a prolific writer sharing my words. In sharing I am caring. I am a member of the human race with an appetite to motivate, inspire, empower and provoke thinking. I stand for dignity in humanity. I am compelled to a vision that we are all here for a reason, life is like a deck of cards... “My cards. My deal. Life is learning the game!” #opism What is OPISM? I have come up with this term as my nick name is Op and they are my own quotes representing a moral doctorine belief system. Thus...Op+ism=Opism. #opism My Motto! “Dignity is Free” How I live...Embracing Dignity My professional experience is disbursed across industries from financial services and sales to that of personal and emergency care. As one who has trained and coached, mentored and taught; it has become a passion within to witness and feel joy in the achievement and success of others that I have been associated with. I am a lifelong learner and have created and facilitated various training materials. It is through such experience that I discovered the power of positive feedback in both professional and personal manners. I am self disciplined, accountable, determined, humble, loyal and adaptive; but above all I value my integrity! I am a decent human being. It is with my greatest pleasure to share with others the power of positive words.

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